Andrea Yukna


Andrea Yukna graduated from Berlin High School in 1973. Her athletic career started at Kensington Grammar School where she was the fastest girl in the school. Yukna then went to Mooreland Hill School for grades 7-9, which had a very rigorous athletic program, where she was the center/forward on the field hockey team, center/forward on the basketball team and starting pitcher on the softball team.

In 10th grade, Yukna came to Berlin High where there were no interscholastic sports for girls. She played intramurals in field hockey, volleyball and basketball. While in the 11th grade, she convinced a faculty member to put together a basketball team which ended up playing a limited schedule of eight to 10 games where she was the playmaker and averaged 20 points per game.

By her senior year, Title IX was finally in play and slowly, girls sports were starting. That year, the basketball team had a record of 11-1. Yukna was the shooting guard and averaged 24 points per game with a game-high of 32. Bart Fisher of the New Britain Herald wrote his Athlete of the Week article on her, being the first female athlete to be written about.

There were still limited girls sports with the basketball team being the only interscholastic sport. Yukna played volleyball and softball intramurals and joined the boys soccer intramural team to keep in shape for basketball.

In 1973, Yukna enrolled at UConn and became a forward on the basketball team. During her sophomore year, while trying out for the team, she slipped on water on the floor of the practice gym and blew out her ACL and medial cartilage, ending her career as a player. However, she did manage the freshman boys football team at UConn for two years.

Yukna received a B.S. in family and consumer science and a M.A. in education and additional certifications in health and history education. She began her teaching career in Farmington at Irving Robbins Middle School where she coached girls track and basketball before moving on to the Newington school system where she taught at John Wallace Middle School, Newington High – where she coached freshmen girls basketball – and mostly at Martin Kellogg Middle School where she was involved in intramural sports.

She retired in 2015 and has one son whom she adopted from Lithuania.

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