Jack Cooney


As a 6-foot-4 center, Jack was a three-year starter on the basketball team. In his senior year, he was the leading scorer and served as a captain of the team.

Jack was also a three-year varsity baseball player. As a pitcher, he was considered the ace of the staff during his senior year. In May of his senior year, Jack joined the Navy to start serving in July after graduation. After going to New Haven to be sworn in, he immediately returned to a game already in the fifth inning. It was a close game and Jack was called on to take the mound in the sixth inning, holding the opposition to zero hits, striking out five and walking only one.

After the Navy, Jack attended Teachers College and Porter School of Design. He worked at New Britain Machine for 41 years. While working there he played in the New Britain Industrial Basketball League, winning the title two years in a row. He led the league in scoring while playing for the Ram Jets. He also played in the Industrial Volleyball League, garnering individual scoring honors.

Jack passed away in December of 1987. He was married to Bette Fusaro Cooney for 36 years, and they had three children –Kevin, Craig, and Colleen –five grandchildren, and one great-grandchild. His grandson, Jack Wagoner, is a pitcher and plays professional baseball in the Cleveland Indians minor league system.

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