1963 BHS Football Team


The 1963 football team was the first undefeated team since 1948 with a record of 7 and 0 in winning the Northwest Conference Championship. The forty team members were led by Coach Joe Nuccio and assisted by Len Mirizzi, Pat Phaup, and Hall of Fame inductee Roy Fabian. The co-captains of the team were John Doran and Jeff Benner. A record six players were selected to the Northwest Conference All Star team. They were Jeff Benner at guard, George Kanupka at tackle, Gary Fairwood at quarterback, Randy Pulito at halfback, John Doran at fullback, and Larry Mongillo also at fullback. Randy Pulito led the team in scoring with 78 points while registering 800 yards on only 79 carries. The team scored 174 points in their 7 games for a 25 point average while the defense allowed only 38 points in those 7 games. Only three freshman made the varsity team that year. They were John Baccaro, Tom Holigan, and Dave Albert. The senior manager was Ken Sherrick while the other managers were Bruce Randall, Tom Rogers, Rick Picard, and Lou Miller.

Other members of the team included the following seniors: William Chotkowski, Gary Pfeiffer, Gregory Blakesely, and Kelly Kaczmarek Swanson. Seniors Gary Richards, Barry Cayer, and Richard Schubert are deceased. The juniors were Donald Holmes, Gregory Zabas, Robert Roberts, Brian McCulloch, Richard Todzia, Ken Capodice, Robert Daigle, and Victor Forest. Juniors Robert Cabelus and Leo Berube are deceased. The sophomores were Daniel Alex, Richard Baccaro, Kenneth Danko, Richard Dinda, Raymond Habershon, Frank Marturano who is being inducted this year, Michael O’Brien, James Sylvester, Dennis O’Brien, and Emil Zanett. Sophomore Jon Bengston is deceased.

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